Tighten Loose Skin Before Summer with BodyTite™ Radiofrequency Technology

May 22, 2023
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Body Tite™ offers a minimally invasive way to tighten lax, sagging skin and melt away fat so you get a physique that you’re ready to show off this summer. Read on to learn how this advanced technology works and how you can benefit.

You work tirelessly to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan, but stubborn fat and sagging skin get in the way of your physique goals. It’s time for your body to reflect your hard work! Get started with BodyTite™ treatments so you can feel confident this summer. 

Medical director Patrick Blatchford, MD, FACS, and the Chestnut Wellness team use this innovative technology that tightens skin and contours your body with a scarless and surgery-free approach. 

Read on to learn how you can get tighter skin and a svelter frame that’s ready to show off at the pool, lake, and beach vacations.

About BodyTite

BodyTite gives you results just like traditional liposuction, without the long recovery. The technology relies on radio frequency-assisted lipolysis, which works to liquify and remove fat from problem areas. The radio frequency simultaneously tightens your skin, so you get a toned, taut look. 

BodyTite applies the heat energy under and above the skin, so fat removal and skin tightening happen together. 

The BodyTite procedure

You relax on a treatment table and receive an injection that combines a local anesthetic and epinephrine. The epinephrine decreases bleeding and helps the fat swell and harden so it’s easier to remove.

BodyTite consists of two electrodes, one that goes under your skin and another that rests on top. These electrodes deliver radiofrequency energy directly into fatty tissue, melting away fat. 

The internal node then suctions it away. The radiofrequency energy also helps the dermal and subdermal layers of your skin contract so you get superb skin tightening and toning. 

BodyTite helps you avoid the traditional “lumpy” look that can happen after liposuction.

Healing after BodyTite

Since there’s no anesthesia involved, recovery is relatively quick. You don’t have to take more than a few days off of work. You’ll benefit from modifying any intense physical activity for about two weeks, however. Any bruising, swelling, and tenderness mostly disappear after 14 days, but you may have some lingering swelling. 

After treatment, we’ll recommend you wear a compression garment under your clothes for about six weeks to help with swelling and tissue contraction. That gives you time to complete treatment before the heat of summer really arrives!

Results that last

You’ll notice the results of BodyTite immediately after your procedure. And, they only get better with time. Not only will you enjoy a svelter, tauter frame this summer, but for several summers to come.

BodyTite destroys fat cells, so they can’t plump back up. Your results last as long as you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, your skin is still subject to the effects of aging. 

Am I a candidate?

The best candidates for BodyTite are at or near their ideal weight. But, you may have persistent fat on the arms, upper legs, neck, abdomen, buttocks, or knees that won’t reduce in response to traditional diet and exercise. 

BodyTite is especially helpful for people who have sagging skin as a result of a large weight loss, pregnancy, or natural effects of aging. If you’ve been struggling with lax skin and stubborn fat deposits for a while, imagine being free of them this summer! BodyTite may just be the solution you need to become the best version of you. 

Find out how Chestnut Wellness can help you get your body into shape in time for summer with BodyTite. Call today or use this website to schedule your consultation.