How to Sculpt Your Physique Without Downtime

Nov 10, 2023
How to Sculpt Your Physique Without Downtime
You want to improve the sagging, wrinkled, and/or uneven skin on your face or body, but you don’t want a face-lift or other invasive surgery. Learn about InMode’s BodyTite™ system and Morpheus8, two complementary technologies that keep you looking young.

Has aging caused sagging, lined, and wrinkled skin on your face and neck? Perhaps you’re bothered by loose skin on your buttocks or thighs that looks like pockmarks or horizontal lines. Then there’s upper arm fat that begins to droop into the ubiquitous “chicken wings.” 

Modern technology is revolutionizing what it means to grow older. You can whisk away unsightly signs of aging and sculpt your face, neck, and key areas on your body so that your skin looks smooth and youthful with today’s body contouring systems

Board-certified physician Dr. Patrick Blatchford, founder of Chestnut Wellness in Arkansas City, Kansas, provides aesthetic and wellness services that keep you looking as young as you feel. Following are minimally invasive procedures that can transform trouble spots that make you look older than you are. 

Facial contouring 

Did your genes predispose you to puffy bags under your eyes? No matter how much you sleep, you always look tired. As you age, the fat in your muscles and tissue around your eyes weakens. Gravity moves it downward into your lower eyelids. Dr. Blatchford uses AccuTite, a nonsurgical procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to melt away those pockets of fat that have migrated down from around your eyes. 


Likewise, aging causes wrinkles and sagging skin on your cheeks and jawline. FaceTite uses the same technology to help redefine your jaw and give you back your chin. You no longer have skin that hangs down in a bag from your chin to your neck. Dr. Blatchford makes a few tiny incisions and vacuums out fat using liposuction and radiofrequency to give your face a lift without the risks and recovery time involved with surgery. 

Body contouring 

Does the skin on your buttocks and/or thighs look like pockmarks from acne, even though you’ve never had acne there? Maybe your abdomen holds a lot of extra fatty tissue. If you’re a woman, after menopause, when you lose estrogen, the skin on your upper arms becomes looser and sags. 

All of these skin imperfections and more can be smoothed out with BodyTite, which uses radiofrequency energy along with minimally invasive liposuction to tighten loose skin and eliminate excess fat in trouble spots. Just as FaceTite and AccuTite tighten skin on key areas of your face, BodyTite smooths out skin on the following body areas: 

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Thighs

Dr. Blatchford also uses Morpheus8, radiofrequency technology with microneedling, to smooth out scars, stretchmarks, sagging skin, and cellulite wherever you have it. He uses Morpheus8 along with BodyTite to ensure skin tightening results when needed.  

With these procedures, you’ll no longer need to wear a coverup that extends from your neck to your knees at the beach or the pool. You can feel comfortable in your body again.  

Are you ready for a transformation from loose and saggy skin to smooth, svelte skin? Call Chestnut Wellness today or book an appointment through our online portal now.