Ever heard of the Mary Cherry ? Lets Talk !!!!!

Jun 14, 2023
women's heath
Mary Cherry

Chestnut Wellness is proud to introduce ground breaking, minimally, invasive procedure exclusively to address common women's health issues including urine leakage, urgency, frequency, vaginal dryness, chronic infections, painful intercourse, lichen slerosis, laxity, episiotomy scarring and stretched or enlarged labia. Over the next several blogs, you are going to learn about each treatment modality, how it works how long it takes, recovery time and the individualized treatment plan depending on specific needs.

Introducing Empower!!!! or as we call it.......

The latest minimally invasive treatment platform available for inconinence and womens health issues with minimal downtime and proven results and FDA approved. This is a ground breaking treatment that is affordable that in most cases costs less than pads and ault undergarments. choose not to depend and EMPOWER yourself with this treatment !!! There will be more to come, check us out at www.chestnutwellnessandspa.com